This photo gallery archives the events of the ALABAMA 200 celebration that brought something for citizens and visitors of all ages to share and explore as we celebrated our state’s bicentennial. From a history walk and folklife festival to traveling exhibitions and book signings, ALABAMA 200 created more fanfare than a history lesson and more lasting cultural significance than a fireworks show. The celebration began in March 2017 in Mobile and St. Stephens and culminated on December 13-15 2019 in Montgomery, ALABAMA 200 included all 67 counties and stretched from the Shoals to the shores and from the Capital city to the Rocket City.


ALABAMA 200 was about more than commemorating 200 years of a government. The State of Alabama exists as a place of unparalleled natural beauty, and it is the home of diverse and distinct people who share a history with unique perspectives and values. It is a sense of shared culture and story. You only turn 200 once, and honoring the history that changed the world took time.


We began in 2017 by Discovering Our Places, which coincided with Alabama’s Territorial Bicentennial. 2018 was the year for Honoring Our People when we shared the experiences and stories of the individuals who have come here to live together. Sharing Our Stories was the theme of 2019 and the conclusion of ALABAMA 200, an invitation to continue celebrating what makes our state distinct and honor the days to come with history as our guide.

Featured photos by Jamie Martin, Dolan Trout, Austin Simmons, Keith Necaise, and Hal Yeager.


200 Years.

Countless Stories.




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